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Buildings and Grounds Manager
Title:Buildings and Grounds Manager
Location:St. Cloud, Minn.
Facility:Saint Scholastica Convent
Hours:FT 40 hr/wk
Shift:Primarily Day Shift

JOB SUMMARY:  The Buildings and Grounds Manager is responsible for providing quality service through the care, cleaning, and maintenance of interior and exterior buildings, grounds, equipment, fixtures, furnishings, and laundry services.

Essential Managerial Job Duties:

  • Understands, endorses and supports the Mission and Values of the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict.
  • Understands, endorses, supports and teaches the policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Develops, gains approval of and implements goals, objectives and budgets for his/her area of responsibility.
  • Provides meaningful input in regard to policies, operations and direction of the organization.
  • Demonstrates leadership by presenting a positive example, establishing high standards, holding people accountable, and maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity.
  • Supports and cooperates with other Departments, Managers, and Administration.

Essential Supervisory Job Duties:

  • Hires, orients, trains, and develops employees in his/her area of responsibility.
  • Supervises and directs the efforts of employees in his/her area of responsibility.
  • Evaluates employees in his/her area of responsibility in an objective and timely manner.
  • Identifies the need for disciplinary action, initiates appropriate discipline and follows through accordingly.

Essential Specific Job Duties:

  • Meets with Supervisor on a regular basis to discuss department activities and action plans.
  • Directs and is responsible for all engineering functions and the overall care, cleaning, and maintenance of interior and exterior buildings, grounds, equipment, fixtures, furnishings, and laundry services.
  • Defines department goals and objectives annually.
  • Works in conjunction with Supervisor and with architect and general contractor during construction and remodeling projects.
  • Obtains bids for major projects and equipment according to organization requirements.
  • Updates, maintains, and utilizes on-going preventive maintenance plan and maintains documentation.
  • Maintains and updates Department Operations Manual.
  • Checks and is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of all mechanical equipment, boilers, gauges, elevator, laundry equipment, motors, freezers and refrigeration systems, emergency generator, sprinkling systems, air conditioners, and air exchange and heating systems; plus maintains documentation.
  • Maintains interior and exterior buildings, grounds, equipment, fixtures, and furnishings in good repair and appearance to ensure safety and functionality, plus arranges for replacement of items or needed repair work.
  • Reviews, assigns, and approves work orders and codes accordingly.
  • Collaborates with Supervisor before major painting, remodeling, and new construction or replacement is accomplished.
  • Directs all carpentry, painting, plastering, and electrical, plumbing, and heating tasks.
  • Provides for the upkeep of tractors, snow plows, lawn equipment and minor maintenance of cars, van, pickup and other vehicles.
  • Ensures the safe operation and maintenance of hand and power tools, equipment and maintenance vehicles.
  • Manages the upkeep of outdoor areas, lawns, shrubs, trees, patios, walks, parking lots, and roadways.
  • Removes snow promptly from parking lots and keeps walks and roadways free of ice and snow.
  • Recommends and requisitions supplies, equipment, and repairs necessary for the improvement of buildings, grounds, equipment, and furnishings; plus directs the disposition of items no longer needed.
  • Purchases department budget approved equipment, linen, and supplies with adequate inventory.
  • Requests and receives prior approval for large emergency expenditures not anticipated in the budget.
  • Assesses and monitors all department vendor contracts and recommends changes.
  • Reviews and approves department invoices and routes them to Supervisor for payment.
  • Maintains the key and lock system for interior and exterior buildings, equipment, furniture, and department vehicles.
  • Promotes safety in all department and building activities and maintains safety and chemical hazard information and records as required.
  • Manages hazardous and infectious waste removal from premises in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Assures proper maintenance and testing of emergency equipment including emergency power, fire alarm and extinguisher, sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, security system, surveillance system, and nurse call system.
  • Responsible for conducting regular fire drills per regulatory requirements, maintaining documentation of drills and providing education as needed.
  • Performs or assists with department tasks as needed.
  • Reports work requests to Supervisor when determined they cannot be accomplished.
  • Attends required in-services, department meetings, educational programs, and serves on committees as directed.
  • Conducts monthly staff meetings.
  • Works in collaboration with all other departments by supporting and promoting team efforts.
  • Serves on-call when off premises and delegates on-call duties when unavailable.
  • Troubleshoots all building and grounds systems and determine a course of action for repair or upgrade, utilizing internal resources or requesting external resources to assist.
  • Serves as a positive role model for the organization by utilizing effective communication and encouraging teamwork through collaborative and cooperative interactions with all employees, departments, and administration.
  • Follows and supports all policies and procedures as established by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict.
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