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Location:St. Cloud, Minn.
Facility:Saint Scholastica Convent
Hours:Full Time
Shift:Day 9:00 am - 5:30 pm & 5:30 am - 2:00 pm; every other weekend & holiday
The Cook/Baker is responsible for cooking, baking and preparing special diets.

Essential Specific Job Duties 
Determines daily workload following menu and Cook/Baker Lead’s instruction.
Accurately measures ingredients, labels, assembles and finishes all proteins, soups and hot vegetables yielding high quality products.
Follows daily production guide for special instructions and pulling frozen items.
Practices good timing to have the foods done at optimal quality.
Prepares and portions Louise Hall breakfast trays for special diets following guidelines.
Prepares main entrée for all meals.
Answers telephone calls and waits on customers at service window.
Prepares cold vegetable at noon for Sisters and Employee meals and prepares hot vegetables for supper.
Accurately measures ingredients, labels, assembles recipes for supper salads and starches.
Rotates fresh vegetables for daily use and uses leftover foods as directed, labels and dates ingredients.
Further processes foods for modified diets, and places pre-portioned desserts on trays according to diet type.
Communicates to production staff and dining services if tray service changes.
Prepares and delivers special diets for all meals.
Reports issues and provides solutions for Sisters on tray and nourishment.
Communicates with Nursing staff, in regards to Sisters’ dietary changes.
Orders, prepares, and stocks Louise Hall foods and supplies.
Sets up a la carte serving line, waits on customers and processes tickets.
Accurately measures ingredients, labels, assembles and finishes all breads yielding high quality products.
Accurately measures ingredients, labels, assembles and finishes all desserts yielding high quality products.
Maintains a knowledge of modified diets.
Prepares fruit for breakfast.
Prepares bread for toast assuring an adequate supply and makes toast for tray service and noon entrees.
Assures that individual servings are attractively served.
Completes in house requisitions accurately with attention to presentation.
Samples prepared foods for quality and provides suggestions for improvement and new ideas.
Foods prepared and served are completed in a timely fashion, pleasing to the eye and seasoned well.
Practices safe food handling techniques.  Rotates stock.
Reports to Food Services Manager issues for recipe yields, quality and miscellaneous observations.
Delivers and collects food to and from main dining room buffet line.
Lists foods, supplies and other equipment for reorder.
Performs kitchen floor care.
Washes pots, pans and utensils.  Returns to storage.
Cleans steam kettle and griddle.
Completes monthly cleaning duties list.
Unlocks or secures kitchen and storage areas.  Starts or shuts down all equipment according to procedure.
Follows and supports all policies and procedures as established by the Sisters of the Order of Saint Benedict.
This opening is closed and is no longer accepting applications
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